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American comedy-horror television series, Ash vs Evil Dead, was developed by Sam Raimi, Ivan Raimi, and Tom Spezialy for STARZ. Set approximately 30 years after the acclaimed Evil Dead films, the TV series serves as a sequel. Combined, it is arguably one of the most popular and influential cult classic franchises of all time.

30 episodes of Ash vs Evil Dead were filmed over three seasons. The show features a high volume of complex visual effects work delivered by a talented complement of New Zealand vendors. Cause and FX were major contributors, working closely with the production team to finish some of the most outrageous VFX shots in the series.



Cause and FX built a digital version of the show’s time travelling Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale, one of the show’s most popular heroes. The 1973 Oldsmobile was owned by Ash Williams, serving as Ash’s main mode of transportation throughout the Evil Dead franchise.

Although the Delta existed in real life and was modified structurally and mechanically, it could not achieve all the desired actions in the live shoot realm. Cause and FX’s digital replacement delivered those trickier iconic shots, helping to cement the Delta 88’s status as a bona fide fan favourite.

“The Ash vs Evil Dead producers could confidently bring the most ethereal and amorphous brief to Cause and FX, and then collaborate with them on a vision that would impress and excite. The results were fantastic.”

Tim Capper, VFX Supervisor – Ash vs Evil Dead


In the climactic finale, Ash fights the biggest deadite battle of his life – Kandar, a sixty-foot-tall demon.

Cause and FX worked with the production’s chosen animation vendor, who created ‘Kandar the Destroyer’. What began as a clay model designed by the prosthetics department was reconstructed digitally and passed to Cause to composite and add finishing touches. Cause VFX artists added 3D fire sims, environmental vapour and mist before moving into 2D to complete this gigantic fire-breathing beast in the epic season bonanza.

The Cause and FX team took care of hundreds of shots throughout the three Ash vs Evil Dead seasons. Many of those were important shots carrying powerful storytelling moments.

“It’s immeasurably valuable to have a strong yet friendly overview of the ‘battlefield’, and Cause and FX gave us that. Cause offers strong creative and technical support from an invested team. They respond dynamically to anything, of any complexity, that a project throws at them. We could always trust Cause and FX’s work – with optimism.”

Tim Capper, VFX Supervisor – Ash vs Evil Dead

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