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We foster a close-knit, inclusive workplace where everyone enjoys contributing ideas and working as a team to solve VFX challenges. Cause and FX embrace individual differences and diversity. Our unfiltered selves are always welcome. Our friendly and warm culture is as important to us as sending the next generation of extraordinary VFX into the world.

Creating with curiosity

Our team approaches each task with a spirit of curiosity and a thirst for knowledge. We explore new ideas, utilize diverse technologies and fresh approaches to discover the best possible outcomes and keep the spark of ingenuity alight.

Creative • Imaginative • Innovative • Transformative

We are in this together

We believe the best work is born from a culture of collaboration and respect, where all members of our team are valued and empowered to contribute their skills, knowledge, and expertise. We value transparent and timely communication to build trusted and long lasting partnerships.

Collaborative • Accountable • Supportive • Trustworthy

Excellence by Design

We strive to create excellence in all that we do. We’re inspired by the craft of VFX and its limitless potential. From this source of passion and enthusiasm, together we can create the extraordinary.

Passion • Enthusiasm • Excellence • Quality

Have fun, be you

Laughter is a prominent part of the everyday rhythm of our studio. Fun is where the magic is. We embrace the unique creativity in each other making each day a new adventure full of energy and excitement.

Diversity • Energy • Camaraderie • Adventure


Our Studio is located in Auckland, New Zealand. Cause and FX offer a hybrid work environment, and we would love to hear from candidates in New Zealand and Australia interested in working with us. Long and short-term contracts are available.

As our company consistently seeks new talent for expansion, we invite interested candidates to apply through our recruitment portal.

We are dedicated to finding skilled, collaborative, and friendly individuals who can contribute to the development of outstanding VFX while sharing in some of the finest experiences of our professional careers.

Apply for a role via our portal. Sign up, Log in, and Register your interest

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p: +64 9 555 0660
Studio 3 / 13 Barrys Point Road, Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand

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