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Creating with curiosity
We are in this together
Excellence by Design
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The prestigious Deloitte Fast 50 Index shines a spotlight on New Zealand’s top tier Businesses that exhibit exceptional growth.

Cause and FX were honoured to have secured a regional award on the 25th October 2023, a precursor to their 6th place national ranking at the final yearly awards held on the 25th of November. The year 2023 marked a milestone when a visual effects company was inducted into the Fast 50 Index for the first time.

The Success of Cause and FX is a testament to the dedication and talent of everyone who has been a part of our journey. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to those who have been, are and will be a part of the Cause and FX team.




2D/3D FX








Cause and FX value creativity and innovation, and we dare to dream big. We’re proud of our ability to create seamless visual effects, and we’re known for our enthusiasm, collaborative attitude and excellent results. We create outstanding VFX for feature films, television series and commercials, and we enjoy every moment.

2D/3D Compositing

  • Green/Blue screen chroma keying
  • 3D/2D Integration
  • Colour matching
  • Look development
  • Matting/Roto
  • Cleanup
  • Crowd duplication

2D Set Extension

  • 2D augmentation
  • 2D Projection setups
  • Plate reconstruction
  • Background replacement / integration

3D Environments

  • 3D set augmentation / recreation
  • 3D matchmove
  • Architectural builds
  • Biological/Ecological

2D/3D FX

  • Destruction
  • Fire, smoke, explosions
  • Water/ocean surface
  • Pre viz
  • Digital crowd creation

3D Animation

  • Hard surface creation / animation
  • Creature animation
  • Lighting and render
  • Asset creation
  • Golaem digital crowds

Digital Matte Painting

  • Environment creation
  • Environment augmentation
  • 3D Paint tools / Photoshop

Unreal Engine

  • Previz / Postviz
  • Rapid iterative concepting
  • Design shots, plan technical solutions

On set Support

  • On-set VFX support
  • On-hand consultation and problem solving
  • Cross-department collaboration
  • Holistic VFX management

Cyber Scan & Solve

  • Full body, head and prop scanning
  • Environment photogrammetry
  • Complete 3D processing
  • Prep for third party requirements


We’re tight on security and free with creativity.

Cause and FX are proud to partner with numerous studios, ensuring their security needs are met with the highest standards. As a Tier One-approved vendor by Disney Content Security, we possess the maximum level of security preparedness. This enables us to collaborate seamlessly with various content providers while adhering to stringent MPA guidelines.

Teradici’s remote workflow solution allows us to collaborate seamlessly with our workforce, no matter where they are. The result? Scalable operations, productions that stay on track, and a team that thrives in their optimal work environment.


Seal Team S7
In Production (2024) TV
CBS Studios

Star Trek – Strange New Worlds S3
In Production (2024) TV
CBS Studios

Our Flag Means Death – Season 2
(2023) TV

Twisted Metal – Season 1
(2023) TV
Peacock TV Originals

Star Trek – Discovery S5 (EP8)
(2023) TV
CBS Studios

Red, White and Brass
(2023) Feature
Piki Films / Miss Conception Films

Mosquito Coast – Season 2
(2022) TV
Fremantle Media

Evil Dead Rise
(2022) Feature
New Line Cinema /  Ghost House Pictures /  Warner Bros. Pictures

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power
(2022) TV
Amazon Studios

Midnight at the Pera Palace
(2021) TV
Netflix / 1000 Volt / Karga Seven Pictures

Mr Corman
(2021) TV

The Wilds
(2018 – 2020) TV
ABC signature Studios / Amazon Prime

Wellington Paranormal
(2020) TV
New Zealand Documentary Board

Occupation Rainfall
(2020) Feature
Occupation Two Productions

Cliffs of Freedom
(2018) Feature
The National Hellenic Society /
Aegean Ent / RanchWorks Picture Show

Ash vs Evil Dead
(2015 – 2018) TV
Renaissance Pictures / Starz Originals

My Other Home
(2017) Feature
Beijing Hairun Pictures Company /
Beijing Forbidden City Film /
Desen International Media / Ivanhoe Pictures

Chasing Great
(2016) Documentary
Southern Light Films / Augusto

Sinister 2
(2015) Feature
Entertainment One / Gramercy Pictures /
IM Global / Blumhouse Productions

Turbo Kid
(2015) Feature
EMA Films / Epic Pictures Group /
Timpson Films

(2015) TV
Amblin Television / Full Fathom Five /
TNT Originals

(2010 – 2013) TV
Tapert / Donen / Raimi / Starz


We are an independent visual effects studio based in Auckland, New Zealand. Established in 2011, Cause and FX has become one of NZ’s fastest-growing VFX studios. For over a decade, the world’s most influential film and television studios have trusted us to create visual effects for their projects.

We create the extraordinary.

Cause and FX are your trusted partner, working harder to help you realise your creative vision. Our team believes in the power of limitless creativity and innovation, close collaboration and uncompromising excellence. Working with us, the possibilities are endless.

Greg Flannagan
Co Founder | Managing Director

Paul Dickson
Co Founder | VFX Supervisor

Amanda Davison
Executive Producer

Tim Capper
VFX Supervisor

Puteri Raja Ariff
Senior VFX Producer

Shana-May Palmer
Production Supervisor

Ambrose Challies
Senior VFX Production Coordinator

Lisa Yeardley
People and Culture Manager

Creating with curiosity

Our team approaches each task with a spirit of curiosity and a thirst for knowledge. We explore new ideas, utilize diverse technologies and fresh approaches to discover the best possible outcomes and keep the spark of ingenuity alight.

Creative • Imaginative • Innovative • Transformative

We are in this together

We believe the best work is born from a culture of collaboration and respect, where all members of our team are valued and empowered to contribute their skills, knowledge, and expertise. We value transparent and timely communication to build trusted and long lasting partnerships.

Collaborative • Accountable • Supportive • Trustworthy

Excellence by Design

We strive to create excellence in all that we do. We’re inspired by the craft of VFX and its limitless potential. From this source of passion and enthusiasm, together we can create the extraordinary.

Passion • Enthusiasm • Excellence • Quality

Have fun, be you

Laughter is a prominent part of the everyday rhythm of our studio. Fun is where the magic is. We embrace the unique creativity in each other making each day a new adventure full of energy and excitement.

Diversity • Energy • Camaraderie • Adventure

Greg Flannagan
Co Founder | Managing Director

Founding Partner Greg Flannagan heads up operations for Cause, overseeing an ever-expanding team alongside the dynamic technological demands of a growing slate of VFX projects. Greg’s software development background compliments his notable work in compositing and VFX supervision. His experience includes a series of local and international short and long-form projects of pedigree. Greg works closely with clients to ensure Cause’s trademark care, quality, and precision work harmoniously with project timelines and budgets. He understands success is measured by the quality of the client experience, ensuring that a strong relationship and trusted partnership approach are maintained. It’s not just the delivery and quality that matters but also the process of getting there.

Paul Dickson
Co Founder | VFX Supervisor

Founding Partner Paul Dickson brings more than two decades of visual effects experience to Cause and FX. Beginning his Career in London, he relocated to Auckland in 2003 to collaborate with New Zealand’s top VFX talent. Paul has a diverse skill set, with expertise in visual effects compositing and project supervision. Paul leverages his extensive experience to lead the creative team and guide company strategy. He plays a pivotal role in maintaining and nurturing Cause’s high-trust relationships with clients, ensuring a steady stream of exciting projects and returning partners. 

Amanda Davison
Executive Producer

Executive Producer Amanda Davison has over 20 years of international and local production experience. Her journey has included contributions to high-profile projects ranging from photorealistic visual effects to 3D animated feature films and 2D television series. Amanda first worked with Cause and FX in 2017 and has helped the company grow into Auckland’s largest VFX provider, delivering state-of-the-art VFX to clients worldwide. With a sound knowledge of production processes and a genuine passion for the craft, Amanda is the all-important first point of contact for Cause’s existing and new clients.

Tim Capper
VFX Supervisor

Once upon a time, VFX Supervisor Tim Capper was a client of Cause and FX, working closely with the studio on some noteworthy long-form network projects. This successful client-vendor relationship evolved, and he now calls the studio his home. Tim contributes many valuable years of production experience, both on-set and in post-production supervising. He has worked on a wide range of production formats from stop-motion through to 3D and compositing, as well as VFX supervision for film and television. With this broad set of skills across many specialties, Tim is a key member of the Cause creative team.

Puteri Raja Ariff
Senior VFX Producer

When Senior VFX Producer Puteri Raja Ariff joined the company, fresh from a stint producing animation in the advertising space, Cause was a small, close-knit team on a wild growth curve. The team has expanded tenfold since. Puteri continues to embrace the challenge, now expertly managing large projects with a larger crew producing cutting-edge VFX. She believes the strength of Cause is its talented people and enjoys watching the hardworking group create outstanding results and loving their work. Puteri works closely with the production team, refining processes to meet the unique needs of each new project and create rewarding experiences for artists and clients.

Shana-May Palmer
Production Supervisor

Production Supervisor Shana-May Palmer has over 20 years of industry experience encompassing broadcast, advertising, on-set, animation and VFX production. She has worked on numerous high-profile international projects in Sydney, Wellington and Auckland. Shana-May is in her element working with the close-knit crew at Cause and FX, traversing all aspects of the production process, optimising resources and ensuring the team are hitting milestones. Her strength is planning, and she particularly enjoys the logistics of aligning schedules and keeping projects moving forward in an environment that can be fluid as clients’ requirements change. Shana-May’s primary focus is to meet those challenges, delivering projects smoothly and on time – and having fun on the way through.

Ambrose Challies
Senior VFX Production Coordinator

Meet Ambrose Challies, Senior VFX Production Coordinator at Cause and FX. Originally from the southern city of Christchurch, Ambrose studied at Auckland’s Media Design School, initially majoring in Game Art. After discovering a passion for visual effects, he changed direction, graduating with a Bachelor of Art and Design-3D Animation. Ambrose sought a new challenge following successful freelance projects, including animated features, commercials, and motion graphics. He succumbed to the gravitational pull of Cause and FX and joined the ranks as VFX coordinator. Cause presented an opportunity to expand his skill set while drawing on his previous experience as an artist. Today, as Senior VFX Production Coordinator, Ambrose supports the team with his trademark passion for VFX, enthusiasm and technical skill, delivering the best possible results for Cause’s clients and their projects.

Karolina Sipos
Executive Assistant

Executive Assistant Karolina Sipos is a seasoned professional who brings a wealth of business experience to her role at Cause and FX. Karolina joined Cause in 2023, fresh from positions with several prominent education, transport and logistics organisations, where she led transformational digital collaboration and accountability projects. Karolina graduated from the Fachhochschule Ludwigshafen am Rhein in her home country Germany, with a major in Logistics. Her passion for exploration led her to New Zealand in 2016, where she embarked on a six-month campervan adventure. She was captivated by our beautiful country and made it her new home. Karolina’s organisational skills help keep Cause’s management team dialled in, and her knowledge and experience reinforce the wider Cause operation.

Lisa Yeardley
People and Culture Manager

People and Culture Manager Lisa Yeardley comes to Cause and FX with a wealth of knowledge in People & Culture. Her leading objective at Cause is to support a positive working environment, allowing staff and management to navigate the fast-paced and often pressured world of VFX production. Lisa is passionate about enhancing the employee experience, helping create an environment that supports the team’s efficiency and underpins personal success and satisfaction. Ultimately, this strengthens Cause’s ability to dynamically adapt, innovate and deliver VFX magic for its clients.

Sam Scott
Systems Manager

Systems Manager Sam Scott has over 25 years of industry experience, covering all aspects of film and television production and post. His repertoire comprises a unique mix of creative and technical achievements. Sam spent a decade and a half as an on-set and post-production VFX supervisor, working with directors and DOPs, managing effects shooting, providing technical advice for crew, and on-set data and metadata capture. Sam has also worked extensively with visual effects and post pipelines, designing and installing facility infrastructure, and creating and leading artist, programmer, and coordinator teams. He has developed hardware and cloud-based VFX pipelines for both production and vendors. His first-hand production experience, technical design and execution allow Sam to bring innovation to Cause’s technical solutions, underpinning the company’s ability to deliver high-quality VFX.

Interested in a career with Cause and FX? Click here

p: +64 9 555 0660
Studio 3 / 13 Barrys Point Road, Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand

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