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After barely escaping Mexico with their lives, the Fox family ventures deep into the Guatemalan jungle by river on a fishing trawler to meet up with an old friend and her community of refugees.

This new refuge creates trouble for the Foxes when they become entangled in a conflict with the local drug lord. At odds about whether to settle down or keep moving, Allie and Margot pursue different paths to secure their family’s future. The outcome will either unite the family or tear it apart forever.

“The creative ideas brought to the table by the Cause and FX team contributed massively to our overall success.”

Joshua Spivack, VFX Supervisor, Mosquito Coast Season two.



Cause and FX executed approximately 80 shots of a key storm sequence, featuring the hero family on their fishing boat. Water sims, environments, matte paintings and rain shot on traditional greenscreen made for a thrilling sequence.

VFX Supervisor Joshua Spivak approached Cause and FX in the early stages of post production. In episode two of the season, we find the family traveling up a murky river through the jungle. Cause and FX supplied invisible photo-real 2D and 3D solutions to the river environment, removing any trace of production artifacts and manipulating the river, geography and jungle to serve the story. CG trees, forest extensions and ancient stone totems all received careful and detailed treatment to integrate the CG seamlessly into the footage.

“With Cause And FX all shots, be it a major water sim, complicated set extension, or simple comp, had extraordinary attention to detail both in the creative and technical aspects. This made our process through post easy and reliable and put our final product at the highest level.”

Joshua Spivack, VFX Supervisor, Mosquito Coast Season two.


As well as splashing water, falling trees, explosions, environment extensions and many more of the skills Cause are known for, our 3D team supplied photoreal asset creation and animation of beetles, butterflies, a mosquito and toucan. These small creatures featured as key story points and were treated with precise attention to detail to deliver an absolute photoreal finish.

“Mosquito Coast could not have gone any smoother. We found early on that there was a reliability in the quality from Cause and FX that limited any amount of concern we ever had to have.”

Joshua Spivack, VFX Supervisor, Mosquito Coast Season two.

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