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Spartacus, an epic production demanding 13,355 VFX shots spanning 39 episodes across four epic seasons.

This ground-breaking STARZ series, produced in New Zealand, required a team of vendors offering expertise in a range of disciplines. Spartacus producers entrusted Cause and FX with many of the show’s iconic VFX shots, including the dramatic death of Spartacus himself in the final episode. Cause ultimately delivered more than 1,000 shots over two graphic seasons.



With ambitious storylines, thousands of VFX shots and daunting schedules, having people the producers could rely on was crucial.

“As a key vendor of Spartacus: War of the Damned, Cause and FX were entrusted with some of the most challenging and iconic shots the project had to offer. Their understanding of our VFX pipelines, attention to detail and creative flair became critical factors in completing one of the biggest VFX TV shows ever created to a very high standard. Cause and FX delivered in spades.”

Charlie McClellan, Executive Visual Effects Supervisor.

Spartacus Visual Effects Art Director, Peter Baustaedter, said the Cause and FX team delivered stunning results.

“Cause and FX were motivated and quick on their feet, pro-active and artistically competent no matter what our production threw at them. They took a no-surprises approach in resolving any issues that arose, and the jovial environment at the studio always made it easy to work with them, especially at crunch time.”


All seasons were 100% greenscreen composited. Large environments required teams of matte painters, tracking, painting, rotoscoping and crowd duplication, as well as live-action panels and massive crowd creation.

Fire FX, smoke trails, mist and CG elements such as spears, arrows, and swords were delivered by multiple vendors for final compositing by Cause. In one dramatic scene, 2D practical flames had to be tracked precisely to an actor whose character had caught fire.

Cause and FX won a bronze AEAF award for their contribution to this visually stunning project.

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